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                  We are a high-tech production  
                        Printing Ink
                        Plastics & Rubber
                        Textile Printing
                        Pigment intermediate
                  Shandong Sunshine Pigment Co., Ltd.

                Founded in 1989 and started from CNY 5,000, Shandong Sunshine Pigment (Group) Co., Ltd. now has developed into a high-tech enterprise group based on technological progress. At present, we are mainly engaged in the production, sales, scientific research and service of "Century Sunshine" brand organic pigments; with an annual output of 10,000 tons, our products are widely used in printing ink, plastic, leather, paint, pigment printing and stationery industry, etc. We have obtained a number of honors by now: our "Century Sunshine" brand was named Famous Brand of Shandong province in 2006, and our company certificated to ISO9000 quality system and ISO14000 environmental management system in 2008. In 1994, we were identified by Shandong Province Science and Technology Commission as "High-tech enterprises", approved as "Key protection unit for the protection of legitimate rights and interests of enterprise" by the CPC Jining City Discipline Inspection Commission in 2000; we were approved as the first batch of "private technology enterprises in Jining City" in 2003; up to now, we have been rated as "AAA" credit enterprise by Shandong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China for several successive years, and "Outstanding Enterprise" of Light Industry System by superior departments in charge for many times. Moreover, many leaders of province and cities visited our company and gave their opinions.